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Keep calm and connect at Georgian During October, students may begin to feel overwhelmed with their workload and adjustment issues. If you feel that you are having more than normal adjustment issues (e.g. marks continue to drop, not making friends, spending more time at home, problems sleeping and/or eating) we strongly encourage you to contact the Student Success Ofce on your campus. They will direct you to either academic support services or counselling services. Learning Strategists are here to help with assistance to prepare for tests, studying, note taking, understanding assignments, as well as time and task management. Peer and subject tutoring is also available at no additional charge. Students should connect with the Academic Success to discuss one-on-one tutoring or seek assistance through Knowledge Hubs (in Barrie and Orillia) in the Library. Things to know this month: • Students may begin to question their program choice or employment options as they get into the semester. Career Consultants provide support to students in exploring individual career opportunities • Deadline for deposits for January admission is Oct. 15 • Students who are living away from home may also have concerns about their roommate or house mates. Connect with your residence assistant or a counsellor to mediate or discuss any concerns Christina Meredith Educators have long noted that one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it to someone else. To try this learning strategy you can start by translating the information into your own Library Operations Manager/Learning Strategist words. This process alone helps solidify new knowledge in your brain. Next, nd some way to share what you've learned. Some ideas include participating in a group discussion, recording a podcast or creating a video.

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