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REFLECTS FISCAL YEAR 2016-17 The Economic Value of GEORGIAN COLLEGE April 2018 For every $1 invested by… About Georgian College $969.9 million ANNUAL ADDED INCOME 10,058 JOBS SUPPORTED 323 playoff games or $25.5 million ADDED INCOME Sources: Emsi Economic Impact Study;;; story/news/nation/2013/05/01/grocery-costs-for-family/2104165/ $165.7 million ADDED INCOME 1,921 JOBS SUPPORTED or or 808 JOBS SUPPORTED enough to buy 6,090 new cars Less than high school High school Certificate Diploma Bachelor's degree Post-bachelor's degree 23,736 Credit students 5,504 Non-credit students 1,244 Employees STUDENTS in lifetime earnings SOCIETY in added taxes and public sector savings TAXPAYERS in added provincial revenue and social savings Impact of Georgian's payroll and day-to-day spending OPERATIONS SPENDING IMPACT Impact of the daily spending of Georgian students retained and attracted to the region STUDENT SPENDING IMPACT Average Earnings in the Georgian Catchment Area The average diploma graduate earns $13,500 more than a high school graduate at their career midpoint. an economic effect similar to Impact of the increased earnings of Georgian's alumni and the businesses they work for ALUMNI IMPACT Georgian Total Annual Impact $1.2 billion ADDED INCOME or 12,786 JOBS SUPPORTED

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