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2017 Spring Open House - Midland booklet

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# Area Welcome desk 1 Indigenous Resource Centre Campus tours 2 Registrar's Office Refreshments 3 Student Success Services Accessibility entrances 4 Flexible workshop/ machine hall FLEXIBLE WORKSHOP/ MACHINE HALL 126 CLASSROOM 131 COMPUTER LAB 130 CLASSROOM/ BOARDROOM 119 CLASSROOM 118 VOLVO/ PENTA 129 MERCURY 128 FACULTY OFFICES 120 LBS OFFICES 120 FACULTY 120A OFFICE 121 OFFICE 122 125 124 REGISTRAR'S OFFICE 101 LIBRARY 117 INDIGENOUS 115 CLASSROOM 112 CAFETERIA CAFETERIA 110 COMPUTER LAB 103 VESTIBULE 105 107 STAFF LOUNGE 127 FIRST FLOOR MEZZANINE LEVEL CLASSROOM 202 LAB 201 CLASSROOM 203 CLASSROOM 204 COMMUTING/OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING Ask us how students commute to campus or about off-campus housing. You can also visit these websites*: *Georgian doesn't inspect listings, so use due diligence when looking for accommodation. ACADEMIC AND CAREER PREPARATION Gain the confidence you need to succeed at work or school. Academic and Career Preparation is a goal- directed, flexible, supportive upgrading program that accommodates the realities of a busy life. To learn more, visit PART-TIME STUDIES Georgian offers a number of Part-time Studies courses to help further your education. Students have access to part-time day, evening and weekend courses, flexible online learning and compressed schedule programs. To learn more and view a list of courses, visit PROGRAMS AND SERVICES N MAIN ENTRANCE 1 4 3 2 • Electrical Techniques • Mechanical Techniques – Industrial Maintenance • Mechanical Techniques – Marine Engine Mechanic • Mechanical Techniques – Small Engine Mechanic • Personal Support Worker • Plumbing Techniques • Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees • Welding Techniques

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